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Take charge of the TARDIS with Doctor Who: The Game and Eleven Doctors toy set

Now's your chance to be the last Time Lord with Doctor Who: The Adventure Games and the Eleven Doctors Action Figure Set

More than half a million Doctor Who fans have downloaded the BBC's game based on the time-travelling TV show. As the current series ramps up to an eye-popping, time-cracking, companion-offing climax this Saturday night, fans can play as Matt Smith's Time Lord in Doctor Who: The Adventure Games -- or take charge of all 11 Doctors in toy form.

The first 'interactive episode', City of the Daleks, will be followed by a Cyberman-themed second episode at 2pm tomorrow, with a live launch on the Doctor Who Web site.


If you'd prefer to get your hands on Matt Smith or David Tennant and bend them into who knows what poses, Character has unveiled all 11 Doctors in action-figure form.

Each of the toys in the Eleven Doctors Action Figure Set differs slightly from the previously available versions: Peter Davison's toy gets the famous lapel celery, and Sylvester McCoy's loses the goofy grin. It's also the only chance to own the eighth Doctor, played briefly by Paul McGann. The set is available to pre-order from Forbidden Planet for £46.50 and will arrive in early August. Also released are toy Daleks in the brilliant World War Two-themed 'Ironside' livery.

Meanwhile, Whovians on Twitter can mourn Amy Pond with a 'crack in time' Twibbon logo, while you can keep up with the latest Who news with our telly-obsessed buddies at Watch out for spoilers, sweetie.