SwitchGuard keeps your Nintendo Switch safe from thieves' filthy paws

You can keep the portable console locked up in a clear case.

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The SwitchGuard is pretty self-explanatory.


It's safe to say just about everyone wants a Nintendo Switch, making it a prime target for thieves.

Pintoro is offering deterrent in the form of SwitchGuard, a clear acrylic lockbox designed to keep the portable console safe from unwelcome hands, as previously reported by Nintendo Life.

"The best way to deter theft of your Nintendo Switch at a tournament, in your dorm, in an office, or in your home!" the company wrote.

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The top lock stops people from getting at the Switch inside, while a cable lock and slot secure the SwitchGuard itself. It also has numerous cutouts for ventilation -- Switches can get pretty hot! -- and for you to run various cables through.

The company acknowledges that the box is more of the deterrent than an absolute security solution. It could be smashed open with a hammer when you bring it to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.

"The SwitchGuard is an excellent option for deterring thieves from picking up your Switch and just walking away," Pintoro wrote in an emailed statement.

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The box costs $50, which is pricey but cheaper than replacing your Switch if it gets snatched. Nintendo sold more than 8.7 million units of the Switch between its March 2017 launch and November 2018, and it's expected to sell 17.3 million worldwide in 2019, so there are no doubt plenty of concerned owners out there.

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