Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds Castlevania's Simon Belmont, Donkey Kong's King K. Rool

Nintendo Switch fighting game is gonna get whipped, Vampire Killer style.

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Simon Belmont, the vampire hunter of Castlevania

Simon Belmont, the vampire hunter of Castlevania, is joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo; screenshot by CNET

Castlevania hero Simon Belmont and Donkey Kong nemesis King K. Rool are joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters.

The legendary vampire hunter will whip his way into the Nintendo Switch fighting game, series creator Masahiro Sakurai said in Wednesday's Nintendo Direct video.

He'll wield the Vampire Killer, the holy whip first seen in the 1986 NES classic Castlevania, which Sakurai says gives Simon a longer reach than any other fighter. The classic ax, cross and holy water subweapons will be available as special attacks, along with an uppercut.

Richter Belmont, Simon's descendant and echo fighter

"Your words are as empty as your soul. Mankind ill needs a savior such as you." Richter Belmont, Simon's descendant and echo fighter, is best known for his Castlevania: Symphony of the Night appearance (and excellent quotes).

Nintendo; screenshot by CNET

Simon will also have an echo fighter -- one who's essentially the same with a different appearance and animations -- Richter Belmont, who appeared in Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night.

His Final Smash is the Grand Cross and his stage is Dracula's Castle, which will have candles that contain items and 34 music tracks from the long-running adventure series.

Dracula, the big bad of the Castlevania series, will appear under undisclosed conditions, and his son Alucard is joining as new assist trophy. Both appear as they did in the 1997 PlayStation game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

King K. Rool, ruler of the Kremlings and enemy of Donkey Kong

King K. Rool, ruler of the Kremlings and enemy of Donkey Kong, will also join Smash.

Nintendo; screenshot by CNET

Castlevania wasn't the only source of new fighters in the Direct announcement, with Donkey Kong nemesis King K. Rool showing up at the very end. Sakurai didn't go into detail on his abilities, but the trailer showed him using his immense bulk to knock enemies back, along with using his crown and a cannon as projectiles.

We also saw two new echo fighters, with Chrom mirroring Fire Emblem's Marth and Dark Samus for Metroid's Samus.

Among the new stages shown off was New Donk City Hall from Super Mario Odyssey . Sakurai also revealed that Ultimate will have a total of 103 stages (compared with the previous game's 56), all available from the beginning. 

Returning N64 stages will maintain their pixelated retro looks and the Stage Morph option will allow you to pick two stages to change between midmatch.

It'll also feature more than 800 tracks to listen to in battle.

Sakurai also revealed that Monster Hunter's Rathalos will be the first character to appear as a boss and an assist trophy.

Still no sign of Waluigi, but check out our guide to everything we know about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which hits the Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7.

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