Streets of Rage 4 trailer showcases old-school beat-'em-up gameplay

It's our first proper look at gameplay in the Sega revival.

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Alex and Blaze juggle a fool back and forth... with their fists.

Dotemu/Screenshot by CNET

Streets of Rage 4 publisher DotEmu released on Tuesday the first gameplay trailer for Streets of Rage 4, and it sure looks true to the glorious '90s Sega Genesis trilogy.

The trailer shows Axel and Blaze delivering beatdowns to some goons, with a few points where they smoothly juggle helpless enemies back and forth.

The game was revealed last summer, with a slick animated trailer that only showed snippets of gameplay. Now we've got plenty to salivate over.

Beyond the sweet gameplay, the trailer offers a hint of some other characters toward the end. There are silhouettes of someone with a guitar and another person with a bionic arm. Let's hope that means we're in for some four-player co-op action.

Also, the trailer notes that "all music and sounds are work in progress," so there's still hope that original composer Yuzo Koshiro will return.

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No word on when it'll be out or what systems it'll be available for, and DotEmu didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

If you're looking to satisfy a Streets of Rage craving in the meantime, the first three are available on the Sega Genesis Classics collection on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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Update, 7:01 a.m.: Adds more details.

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