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Street Fighter 5 won't make you buy another disc to get more characters

"This is the only disc you're ever going to need to own to get all of the content in the game."

People who buy Street Fighter V may be happy to learn that, unlike past entries in the series, Capcom will not make players buy another disc to get additional characters down the road. In an interview with Eventhubs, Capcom's Matt Dahlgren talked at length about DLC for the game and how it will be delivered.

"We have paid attention to the way that we've managed things with Street Fighter IV, and we will be mixing things up this time around," he explained. "This is the only disc you're ever going to need to own to get all of the content in the game, but we'll be revealing details of how our post-launch content happens at a later date, but it will be good news."

To be clear, it's likely that Capcom will offer extra characters/costumes/etc. down the road as paid DLC. But Dahlgren is saying Capcom will not require players to buy another disc to get this extra content.

Also in the interview, Dahlgren was asked about Street Fighter V's roster size at launch early next year. As you might expect, he didn't give away specifics, but did say that the lineup will grow over time.

"We're not revealing the total roster count just yet," he explained. "What we can say is that we're putting a strong focus on making sure that every character put into the game is very unique and has their own individuality. We want to start off with a core roster which will be inviting to new players. When you start off with a gigantic roster right off the bat, it can be pretty daunting for new players to figure out where to start."

He also said that Capcom has plans to support Street Fighter V with new characters for a long time in the future; some of the game's roster will include characters new to the series, he teased.


"This is a franchise we expect to support for many years to come, but we will start with a very strong core roster," Dahlgren said. "If you looked at how we handled Street Fighter IV, it was the dominant fighting game of that generation of consoles, we're expecting the same from Street Fighter V, so we are thinking long term."

For lots more, be sure to read the full interview at Eventhubs.

Street Fighter V launches in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will never be released on Xbox One thanks to exclusivity arrangement with Sony. Looking ahead, Capcom plans to make some kind of Street Fighter V announcement later this month at Comic-Con.

Last month during E3 2015, Capcom announced new Street Fighter V characters and confirmed the start date for the game's upcoming beta.