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Steve Jackson's Appointment with FEAR gets an interactive makeover at PAX Aus 2014

We spoke with Kamina Vincent from Tin Man Games about the developer's latest title based on the popular Fighting Fantasy series

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PAX Australia 2014 ran from October 31 to November 2 in Melbourne and, much like the previous inaugural year, there was an incredible array of indie games on show.

As part of our continuing video series this week, we're giving you a quick look at some of the great independent games that were displayed at the Indie Pavilion.

Appointment with FEAR is a new entry in Tin Man Games' popular series based on the Fighting Fantasy 'game-books' from Steve Jackson.

With spoke with Kamina, Tin Man's editor and "logic wrangler", about bringing the book back to life as an interactive graphic novel. The game is out now on Steam, iOS and Android.