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Star Wars: Squadrons for PC is only 80 cents today

You're unlikely to have this much fun in space at this price ever again.

Electronic Arts

There are space-based combat games, and then there's Star Wars: Squadrons. This game comes from a long line of incredible flight combat titles in the Star Wars universe, only now it's using modern graphics and VR headsets if you have one nearby and want to feel like you're really sitting in the cockpit of your favorite ship. There's a lot to love about Star Wars: Squadrons, but if you never bothered to pick it up when it was originally released on PC you have absolutely no excuse now that's it's only 80 cents. In fact, if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can get it for free

For a game that's currently $35 on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you're getting a pretty great deal here. The game itself is a lot of fun if you only have a mouse and keyboard, but it can be easily improved with a good HOTAS controller and a VR headset. That makes this game considerably more expensive if you don't already own those accessories, but it's worthwhile to genuinely feel like you're flying through space. Just be careful you're not in there too long, you are not a Jedi and will eventually need sleep.