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Star Wars Battlefront: These are the issues DICE is tracking

The launch of the Star Wars shooter's Outer Rim did not go completely to plan.

Following the launch of Star Wars Battlefront's Outer Rim expansion this week, not everything has gone exactly to plan. A number of bugs and other issues have popped up, and now, developer DICE has rounded up a list of items the team is looking into.

A couple of the issues listed below, including a bug where players would automatically rise to level 60 (the game's new cap) and another that caused the game to crash have been addressed with a hotfix. Still, other issues, including credits not showing to be rewarded, Deluxe Edition content remaining locked, and progression freezing with the new Hutt Contract challenge, continue to affect some players.

DICE did not provide a timetable for when the remaining problems will be fixed. "The team is still working to address the other reports and I will be updating the list with further issues we're looking into shortly," community manager Sledgehammer70 said in the Outer Rim "Issue Tracking" thread.

Star Wars Battlefront known issues include:

The Outer Rim expansion is only available for Season Pass owners until April 5, but all players benefited from the March 22 patch. Among other things, it added a spectator mode and redesigned the multiplayer menu with the aim of helping players get into matches more quickly. It also made lots of weapon and vehicle balance changes.

You can see Battlefront's complete March 22 patch notes here.