Spielberg to work on new live-action Halo TV series

Xbox's popular franchise finally gets a live-action TV show.

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Microsoft and 343 Industries announced that famed film director Steven Spielberg will be involved with Halo: The Television Series. James Martin/CNET

Microsoft and 343 Industries have recruited film director Steven Spielberg in the creation of a new Halo live-action TV series.

The companies announced the new series during their Xbox One unveil event today.

Spielberg presumably will produce the new show in conjunction with Halo developer 343 Industries. Halo, the popular franchise that has anchored Xbox for years, used to be developed by Bungie Studios. Microsoft did not specify what Spielberg's role would be.

Though Spielberg was not able to attend Microsoft's Xbox One event in Redmond, Wash., he appeared on screen, noting that the Halo franchise is "myth-making meat."

The move to produce the show is notable, given that there have been rumors for some time about a live-action Halo show. Years ago, another big-time film director, Peter Jackson, was said to be involved in producing a Halo film, but it never came to pass. Either way, by tying Spielberg to the project, it's likely to get more attention and, ultimately, bring in more viewers.

The official name for the show is "Halo: The Television Series."

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