Specs showdown: PS3 vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Xbox 360

Take a look at this graphic comparing next-gen consoles with their predecessors thanks to our sister site Gamespot.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
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Nic Healey

The next generation has arrived, with the PS4 out in the US and the Xbox One due to hit Australia later this week.

(Credit: Microsoft and Sony)

Over on our sister site Gamespot, the team has produced a detailed graphic looking at how the two new next-gen consoles stack up against their previous incarnations. Click the image for the large size view.

As always, the experience of a console involves much more than just the hardware in the box, but it's intriguing to see how that hardware has evolved for these new iterations of gaming devices.

We'll have full reviews of the hardware and user experience of both the PS4 and Xbox One after they launch locally.

Click for the full size image.
(Credit: Gamespot)