Sony still deciding 'if and when' PlayStation Now will come to UK

Sony is still deciding when -- or perhaps even if -- the PlayStation Now streaming gaming service will launch in Britain.

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If not now, when? As PlayStation Now prepares to open its doors to American gamers, Sony is still making up its mind when -- or perhaps even if the streaming gaming service will launch in Britain.

Speaking to TechRadar about a launch on these shores, a Sony spokesperson played it coy, suggesting the company will "start to learn from (the US launch), and consider if a launch is appropriate and when."

PlayStation Now is a subscription service that will let you buy, rent and play old games, like a Spotify of games. Cleverly, it will stream not just to consoles including the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, but also to Sony Bravia TVs. Phones and tablets are set to be added too.

Your can save your games in the cloud to play across different devices, and play against others with a multiplayer mode. 

Prices are yet to be announced. 

Invitations have been sent out to lucky stateside gamers who want to take part in the closed beta testing, but it seems British console fans will have to wait longer. 

PlayStation Now took a bow at  CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, where CNET's Matthew Moskovciak tried it out. He noticed that lag and image quality weren't ideal -- it's only 720p -- but weren't so much of a problem that he didn't become engrossed in the game. It remains to be seen how the service will work in the real world over home broadband connections with many players logged on at the same time.

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