Sony releases PS3 firmware update to fix last week's fiasco

As promised, the gaming giant has rolled out a firmware update designed to fix the 4.45 patch that bricked some consoles.

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Charlie Osborne
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Sony has released a patch to fix the buggy 4.45 firmware update that left some people with crippled PlayStation 3 consoles.

Complaints flooded in last week after Playstation users downloaded and installed the 4.45 update, which was designed to let users turn trophy notifications on or off. According to the PS3 forum, users found that after they rebooted, the installation left their consoles "bricked," or frozen, locked, and unplayable.

Sony apologized to its users, pulled the update offline, and promised an investigation, apologizing "for the inconvenience."

The new patch, firmware update 4.46, promises to fix the issue. Sony issued detailed instructions Wednesday on how to download and install the update and restore your console's functionality.

In order to resolve the problem, users must download the update manually using a device such as a USB flash drive with at least 168MB of free space. The update must be downloaded into a folder, and then your Playstation 3 must be booted into Safe Mode. Once within the console, you have to choose System Update and then restart upon completion of the download.