Sony PSN compensation is not enough, say CNET UK readers

Sony's compensation for the PlayStation Network data theft and subsequent downtime is not enough, according to readers who voted in our poll.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Sony hasn't done nearly enough to compensate gamers who've had their data nicked by wayward hackers, according to the results of our reader poll.

We asked you whether you thought Sony had been sufficiently apologetic, whether it needed to do more, whether you didn't care about compensation, or if you'd be reaching for your Xbox 360 controller in the wake of the outage.

So far 852 of you have voted in the poll, with the majority adamant that Sony's offering of two free games, a month's free PlayStation Plus subscription and identify theft protection wasn't going to cut the mustard.

A hefty 58 per cent of those polled think Sony needs to do more if it's going to woo jilted gamers back into the fold. Just 26 per cent of you reckon that the compensation is adequate.

A minuscule 2 per cent (just 20 of you) ticked the box marked "I just want PSN to be more secure", indicating that increased security isn't gamers' highest priority -- they want cold hard compensation for the weeks spent without precious PSN tomfoolery.

Some 188 (that's 14 per cent) of you selected the "Where did I put that Xbox?" option, though we'd bet our last Rolo that there are more than a few snickering 360 enthusiasts ticking that box.

A popular theme in the comments was that the free games Sony has offered are all fairly old. Indeed, the titles are hardly hot off the press, and if you're a devoted enough gamer to miss several weeks of PSN, you're probably the kind of customer that already owns those games. 

One commenter on our poll yelled, "Absolute rubbish what they've offered! They lost all my vital information -- that's for everything not just the PSN! Appalling situation... they can keep their network!"

Some pointed out that PSN was free, with one saying, "Sony didn't need to compensate us for a free service." Others responded that the cost of the PlayStation Network is built into the upfront cost of the PS3 console. "PSN is not free. Never has been. You buy it when you buy a PS3. It just doesn't need continual payment like Xbox."

We've not closed the poll, so there's still time to have your say. Alternatively you can let fly in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall