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Sony at E3 2017: Spider-Man, God of War and a Shadow of the Colossus remake

We got a good look at God of War and Spider-Man, as well as news that Shadow of the Colossus is getting a remake and Skyrim is coming to VR.

Sony's E3 2017 press conference didn't have any Xbox One X-sized announcements, but it did show off a lot of games. 

We got proper looks at PlayStation 4 exclusives like God of War and Spider-Man, both of which will be coming out next year, as well as a few nice surprises. 

Team Ico's cult-favorite Shadows of the Colossus is getting a full remake, which will make the game even more of a spectacle. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to PlayStation VR, giving you a new excuse to drop another 600 hours into The Old Kingdom. Meanwhile, Horizon Zero Dawn and Final Fantasy XV are both getting new downloadable content in The Frozen Wilds and Monsters of the Deep respectively. Both updates will be out before year's end. 

Some completely new IPs also got some shine, with Detroit: Become Human and Days Gone both being showcased. Sadly, neither title has a release date yet.

In more sad news, there were some notable absentees at the show. Final Fantasy VII Remake, first announced back at E3 2015, was nowhere to be seen. Nor was The Last of Us 2

If you're keen to catch up on the entire conference, you can watch it here. Otherwise, check below for the announcements as they happened. 

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy got an early look-in at the showcase. Instead of featuring series regular Nathan Drake, this story will focus on supporting characters Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross. Go destroy some ancient architecture.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is coming in 2017 to continue the adventure of Aloy in a ravaged but beautiful future where technology is practically magical and dinosaur-like robots walk the earth. The first game was gorgeous, so we can't wait for more. More at Gamespot.

Days Gone, the PlayStation-exclusive zombie survival adventure (where zombies move fast, by the way) showed off a substantial chunk of actual gameplay, and some hints at the story, for the first time. 

Monster Hunter World, coming 2018, will bring the fan-favorite dino-hunting franchise back to PlayStation for the first time in years.  

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Shadow of the Colossus is getting a full remake on PlayStation 4, which is sure to trigger nostalgia. Let's see if the tricky controls and annoying camera get left behind when the cult classic adventure returns. More from GameSpot.

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR is coming to PlayStation VR, meaning you should be able to check out foes in your peripheral vision before you Fus Roh Dah. Oh, and throw fireballs with the PlayStation Move wands. No release date yet.

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Final Fantasy XV's newest expansion pack, Monsters of the Deep, looks to be designed around PlayStation VR, and appears to center around the game's fishing mini-game. It's coming September 2017.

God Of War got the full extended-trailer treatment, and looks as beautiful and brutal as you'd expect. Kratos is pulling parent duty here, teaching his son the ways of maiming gigantic beasts. It's coming early 2018.

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Detroit: Become Human was showcased yet again, but still no release date. 

Destiny 2 was shown, and a graphic stated it'll be hitting store shelves on September 6 -- slightly earlier than the previously announced September 8 release date, which may mean it gets two days as a PlayStation exclusive. 

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Spider-Man finished the show off with a sweet-looking extended trailer, where we got our first proper look at the gameplay. It looks like Rocksteady's Batman games mixed with Spider-Man 2's web-slinging mechanics, which is a winning combination. It's coming out in 2018. 

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For more on E3 2017, check out complete coverage on CNET and GameSpot.  

See the full E3 2017 press conference schedule here.