Samsung GamePad controller is a metal games machine

Samsung's new GamePad controller for Android phones is a classy looking bit of kit, and it's out here in the UK in the next few weeks.

Samsung's new GamePad controller for Android phones is a classy looking bit of kit, made of a steel frame and glossy black plastic -- and promising a tactile console-like experience on your mobile.

Connecting using Bluetooth 3.0, the GamePad has an eight-direction D-pad, two analogue sticks, four face buttons and two triggers. The images Samsung has released don't make it clear, but it looks like that bit at the top slides up and out, and locks your phone in place.

It looks much sharper than Samsung's previous effort, which was a nasty white Xbox ripoff. At 195g it's going to more than double the weight of your blower, but that may be a price worth paying for keeping your fingers out of the on-screen action.

It'll work with any phone or phablet from 4 to 6.3 inches running Android 4.1, but it's 'optimised' for 4.3. An NFC chip inside automatically pairs it and the central Play button starts Samsung's accompanying Mobile Console app.

Mobile Console is a new game store (yes, another one) that only features games that support the controller, so you know whatever you buy there is going to work with the pad, unlike the general Play Store. There are 35 games supported at launch, including Need for Speed Most Wanted, Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4 and Prince of Persia.

Samsung hasn't said how much it's likely to cost, but it's out now in some European countries and will hit the UK in the next few weeks.

Whether it's worth buying will depend mainly on how much it costs, and if it feels good to play with. Logitech's PowerShell controller, recently announced for the iPhone, is a ludicrous £90 -- I can't see anyone shelling out that much, however nice it is. I hope the GamePad isn't that expensive, and we'll look forward to reviewing it.

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