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Saints Row Trailer Highlights the Reboot's Array of Customization Options

Live out your pop culture dreams in developer Volition's open-world crime adventure, scheduled to arrive in August.

Saint's Row lets you express yourself through character customization.
Saints Row lets you express yourself through character customization.
Deep Silver Volition

The upcoming Saints Row reboot will let you customize pretty much every inch of your character, your weapons, your vehicles and your criminal empire's headquarters, as highlighted in a trailer and a Volition developer diary Wednesday. Perhaps most awesome is the ability to live out your Back to the Future fantasies by riding on a hoverboard.

This open-world crime adventure is scheduled to hit PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on Aug. 23.

It takes place in "Santo Ileso," a fictional crime-filled city in the US Southwest. Things are being run by three gangs, but your character, known in-game as your Boss, sets up a new gang to seize power. You can play with a buddy via drop-in, drop-out co-op multiplayer, with each player controlling his or her own Boss and working with the other players through the game's missions, as previously reported by Video Games Chronicle.

You unlock more character customization options as you play, so your appearance can evolve during the course of your playthrough.

There are more than 80 vehicles to collect and modify as you please. You can add a tow cable, too, to drag something behind you, which will surely lead to all kinds of epic chaos. In addition to the typical array of firearms, customization lets you wield some wacky weapons like a Penguin-inspired umbrella rifle and a Desperado-style guitar case rocket launcher.

The developers also teased the ability to create your character ahead of the game's launch, but they didn't elaborate on this feature -- it'll likely be available on an app.