Rockstar Games working on Grand Theft Auto trilogy remaster, says report

Is it time to go back to Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas?

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Oscar Gonzalez
Will CJ get an upgrade

Will C.J. get an upgrade? 

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V came out almost eight years ago, and developer Rockstar Games has given minimal info on what's next for the popular open-world crime game. On Thursday, a new report says fans are headed back to where the franchise became a blockbuster hit. 

Rockstar plans to release a remaster of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy -- Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -- this fall, according to Kotaku. The remastered trilogy will come to the Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, says the report, which cites unnamed sources. It's unclear how extensive the remaster will be, but it'll reportedly make use of the Unreal Engine and consist of new and old graphics along with updates to the UI. 

Rockstar Games didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Grand Theft Auto 3 first came out in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and was a massive hit for Rockstar. The developer followed up with 2002's Vice City and then 2004's San Andreas.