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Rock Band 4 PC funding campaign comes up well short

Crowdfunding effort for a PC version of the music game fails big time, bringing in only 52 percent of its target.

Gamers hopeful for a PC version of Rock Band 4 appear to be out of luck. The game's crowdfunding campaign on Fig has ended -- and it came up well short.

Harmonix was looking to raise $1.5 million, but only managed to attract $792,817, which is just 52 percent of the target. A total of 1,674 people contributed to the campaign over a period of 35 days. Fig, like Kickstarter, is all-or-nothing, so no money will be collected.

The bulk of the funding for Rock Band 4's PC campaign came from investments ($592,000), while the remaining $201,000 was from traditional pledges. Fig is unique in that in addition to Kickstarter-style backing, people can actually invest in a game and ultimately share in its success through equity.


Things weren't looking good for Rock Band 4's PC campaign, as it needed to raise more than $750,000 with just 24 hours to go.

The raised money, had it been successful, would have been used to pay LittleBigPlanet and Dead Island 2 developer Sumo Digital to port the game to PC. The full cost of development would be $2,000,000, and Harmonix said it would provide the other $500,000 if it reached its goal.

About halfway through the campaign, Harmonix added a new reward tier that would give people the entire DLC song library if they paid $2,500.

Harmonix said in a Reddit AMA that, even if funding for Rock Band 4's PC edition came up short, it wasn't going to abandon the PC platform altogether.

"It's more about whether or not it makes sense to bring a future game to the platform," the developer said. "Rock Band VR is coming to Oculus, which is obviously PC, and I can definitely see other titles fitting nicely on PC as well."

Rock Band 4 released last year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was scored a 7 in GameSpot's review, which said "[a] lack of content and general stagnation hold this particular iteration of Rock Band back, but new ideas like Freestyle Solos genuinely enhance the core experience."

Harmonix isn't new to crowdfunding. The developer sought funding for another rhythm game, Amplitude, back in 2014. It was a successful campaign, raising over $800,000.