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Retro-gaming war heats up: Atari and Sega Flashback consoles coming September 22

Going head-to-head with the upcoming SNES Classic, the latest retro all-in-one consoles are coming this fall.


Nintendo's upcoming Super NES Classic has some competition for your retro gaming dollars. While that mini-console is sure to be a hot holiday item, and in short supply like last year's NES Classic was, it may be easier to find similar systems packed with Atari and Sega games.

The Atari Flashback 8 Gold and Sega Genesis Flashback, both from AtGames, which licenses old games and packages them in retro-styled set-top boxes, will start selling both of these new systems on September 22, for $80 in the US. Both support upscaled 720p resolution. The rival Super NES Classic from Nintendo goes on sale September 29, for the same $80.


The Atari version includes 120 classics like Pitfall! and Space Invaders, while the Genesis box has 85 games, including entries from the Sonic and Phantasy Star series, as well as a cartridge port that will play most original Genesis carts. The SNES Classic will include a more selective list of 21 games, including the never-released Star Fox 2.