Mario-style shower curtain: Soak and star in your own retro game

Step aside, Pac-Man, Mario and Donkey Kong. There's a new luminary in the retro gaming world and it's the person standing behind a shower curtain.

Amanda Kooser
Amanda Kooser
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Retro Gaming Shower Curtain
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Retro Gaming Shower Curtain

Watch out for Bowser.


Retro gaming is the spice of your life. You wear a Super Mario wristwatch, gave your cat a Super Mario cat tree and decorated your home with a fully playable room-size Ms. Pac-Man game.

It's time to claim your rightful place in the halls of old-school gaming glory. You need to star in your own epic retro adventure by standing inside a Retro Gaming Shower Curtain as you level up your cleanliness game and scrub your way to winning.

The curtain looks like the cover to a classic game cartridge. It comes from ThinkGeek and is strongly aimed at Nintendo fans with its references to "Cleantendo" and "Super Shower Time" done up in a Super Mario-style font.

The clear window built into the expanse of vinyl sets this curtain apart from other geeky shower accessories. The graphics evoke the 8-bit look of early video games with blocky bits of water coming out of a shower head.

Think of this as just one step toward turning your bathroom into a cosplayer's delight. Maybe you'll want to mix things up by adding a Star Trek transporter bath mat or a Darth Vader shower head. Be sure to whistle the Super Mario theme music while you're cleaning behind your ears.

The Retro Gaming Shower Curtain sells for $24.99 (about £17, AU$33). It may not be the best choice if you have a living situation where people might walk in on you while you're showering, but a nice hot shower should steam it up pretty well.