Resident Evil 7 weapons, story details confirmed by ESRB rating

In Resident Evil 7, you'll use weapons like shotguns, chainsaws, and flamethrowers.

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GameSpot staff
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Resident Evil 7 has been a bit of a mystery since it was revealed at E3 this year, but new details have emerged thanks to a posting on the ESRB site, spotted by Twitter user Wario64. And surprise, surprise: it's rated M for mature.

One aspect of the upcoming Resident Evil game that we're uncertain of is just how much combat the game will contain. According to the now-removed ESRB rating summary, players will use weapons like "pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives, and chainsaws" against mutated creatures. That's quite the armory compared to the axe that was included in the Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour demo.

The summary also mentions a couple scenes of pretty intense-sounding graphic violence. These include dismemberment by chainsaw and shovel, in addition to a shovel getting impaled through a character's face. There are also areas that include mangled corpses with guts hanging out, exposed to the whole world. On top of that, you'll be exposed to naughty words like "f**k" and "s**t," so get your earplugs ready if you don't want your ears debased.


Additionally, we learn the name of the protagonist and part of his story. You'll take control of Ethan, who's looking for his wife in a dilapidated mansion. As for story details we already know, there's some kind of cult-like family that shares a sorted past. No other details have been revealed, but we'll likely find out more in the near future, as Capcom reveals the purpose of the Resident 7 demo's dummy finger.

Resident Evil 7's demo was compared to PT, the playable teaser for Silent Hills, which was eventually canceled. Resident Evil 7 director Masachika Kawata said his team was "actually creating Resident Evil 7 before PT was announced."

"[W]hen they announced it, it was kind of like, 'Oh, they're doing first-person too?" he said. ""However, now that we've come this far, we can see that the content of this game is completely different from what the content or the direction that [PT] was moving in."

Kawata said he was "very disappointed" that Silent Hills was canceled, adding that he "really loved it."

Resident Evil 7 launches on January 24 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Beginning Hour demo is currently only available on PS4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.