RBI Baseball makes triumphant return on consoles, mobile devices

The game, which is being developed by Major League Baseball Advanced Media, will be available this spring.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

Old-time gamers like this reporter are just a little happier today.

Major League Baseball announced Tuesday that it plans to reboot the RBI Baseball franchise. Dubbed RBI Baseball 14, the game will be available on consoles and mobile devices this spring.

RBI Baseball, the classic Namco baseball game for the NES, was a staple in the early '90s. The franchise was made available on a wide range of consoles, and it was last developed for the Sega 32X under the title RBI Baseball 95.

Details are excruciatingly slim on the game right now, but Major League Baseball's own Advanced Media development house is working on the game. The news is all the better for baseball fans who last week discovered that Take-Two Interactive is ditching its MLB 2K series, leaving the MLB The Show franchise with the only MLB-endorsed baseball simulation game on the market.