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Razer to pull plug on Ouya gaming console June 25

After that, players won't be able to access their account or games on the server.


The Ouya game console is shutting down.

Josh Miller/CNET

Gaming console Ouya is shutting down next month.

Razer, which acquired Ouya in 2015, said Wednesday that it would end support for the console on June 25. After that, it'll deactivate accounts and players won't be able to access games on the server or games they've previously purchased. They also won't be able to buy new games. Players will, however, still have access to downloaded games. 

Players will want to use any funds still in their accounts before the shutdown, since they have no cash value, Razer says. 

Ouya's video game console and app store became popular with small developers when it launched in 2013. It was the focus of a multimillion dollar crowdfunding campaign and drew in $15 million in funding from top Silicon Valley investors. But the Android-based console struggled to bring in a large enough audience. Its hardware business closed before Razer folded Ouya's gaming content into its Forge TV console. Razer will also shut down the Forge TV service next month.