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Razer Ouroboros mouse channels Dark Knight Rises' The Bat

Razer's latest weaponised gaming mouse has scary green lights, cool moving parts and brilliantly looks just like Bruce Wayne's latest ride.

It's the gaming mouse you deserve, but not the one you need right now. Because it's the middle of the morning and you probably have business to attend to. But when it's fragging time, you could do worse than the Razer Ouroboros, a frightening new peripheral that channels The Bat, Batman's ludicrous flying tank.

It might look like a wee version of Bruce Wayne's latest runabout, but it's packing serious firepower of its own. Just like a superhero's supervehicle, the Ouroboros can extend its body and arch its back to fit your hand, and the side panels can be swapped for ones with wings to better suit your grip.

There's a mighty 11 programmable buttons -- it's ambidextrous, so it's easy to switch around for southpaws. It gives you the choice of wired or wireless connection too, for precision or convenience (although Razer reckons it performs just as well wireless). Wireless use is powered by a rechargeable AA battery.

Razer Ouroboros charger

Both a laser and an optical scanner on the bottom of the fuselage give a sensitivity of 8,200dpi -- brilliant if you often play Starcraft 2 on an IMAX screen. It even has bright green backlighting on the scroll wheel and under the side buttons, as well as the battery level.

Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian symbol of a snake eating its own tail. I have no idea what that has to do with a ridiculous Batmouse, but it reminds me of Pop Will Eat Itself, and that's only ever a good thing. PWEI's Clint Mansell did the soundtrack to Mass Effect 3, which you might want to play with this mouse. See? It's all circular.

Razer has a reputation for making bonkers neon kit -- my previous favourite was the utterly nuts Naga Epic MMO mouse, with its telephone-style button bank on the side. The Ouroboros looks to be a riposte to Mad Catz's astounding Cyborg RAT 9, with its Transformer-style popped hood and unnecessary dials.

The Ouroboros will be out in time for Christmas, and will set Santa back an eye-watering $130, which will probably mean around £100 here in the UK. But will anyone else you know have a Batmouse? No. No they won't.