Rare Fallout 4 glitch leaves player without a head

After a skirmish with one of Fallout 4's bad guys, one player steps into the third person to discover he's missing an important body part.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico

Warning: The video above is, naturally, a bit graphic. Watch at your own discretion.

The post-apocalyptic video game Fallout 4 is all fun and games until someone loses a head.

At least one player was able to lose his head and live to tell about it. YouTube user postbroadcast posted footage of the peculiar hilarity to his YouTube channel on Saturday.

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In the clip, we see postbroadcast encounter a deadly Deathclaw, essentially a powerful mutated chameleon, who manages to lop off postbroadcast's head in the scuffle, though the gamer didn't know it at the time.

But postbroadcast didn't die. He used some of the game's health kits, or stimpaks, to try to cure the head ailment revealed by the in-game health overlay, but nothing was working. Only when he entered third-person mode did postbroadcast realize what was going on.

Stimpaks, apparently, can fix broken limbs and restore your health, but even in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic Boston, they can't help you regrow a head.

The latest in Bethesda's Fallout series of open-world role-playing games dropped last Tuesday for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs.

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