PS4 tipped to have Blu-ray, plans to be 'very affordable'

Sony doesn't want to repeat mistakes of the past it would seem, as sources suggest the next PlayStation will be reasonably priced.

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Luke Westaway
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Sony is apparently keen not to repeat the mistakes of the past, with reports suggesting the Japanese company's next console will come with a reasonable price tag.

VG247 cites "multiple sources" who say PlayStation 4 development consoles are being shipped out to developers, and detailing that the PS3-sequel will be powered by an AMD A10 APU chip.

When asked if the PlayStation 4 -- tipped to be called simply 'Orbis' -- would feature a Blu-ray drive, one mysterious tipster is quoted as saying, "Of course it has."

Sony's aim, if the anonymous sources are to be believed, is to make a powerful console that's still "very affordable". That would be a savvy move, as the PlayStation 3 struggled at launch with a wince-inducingly high price tag that put shoppers off.

Other tidbits to be gleaned from the cryptic sources are that Sony's next effort will have a 256GB hard drive, and will feature a revamped user interface. The development kits are said to sport either 8, 16 or 32GB of RAM.

Earlier rumours peg the oddly dubbed Orbis as featuring some kind of tech that targets second-hand games, whereby games on discs are tied to a single PSN account, and will require online authentication before you're able to play.

That sounds horrible, but hey, let's try and keep an open mind. Orbis is likely to be revealed in the summer at the E3 gaming trade show, where we'll probably see Microsoft take the wrapper off the Xbox 360's successor. Nintendo's Wii U console hits shop shelves on 30 November, meanwhile.

Sony's current PS3 console was recently compromised, with an encryption key that could make it permanently easier for hackers to play pirated games leaking online.

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