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PS4 gets plausible mock-up ahead of new Xbox debut

An industrious Reddit user has sketched up what Sony's next console could look like, based on a cryptic teaser trailer.

The world's focus may be on Microsoft's imminent unveiling of the next Xbox, but that hasn't stopped one industrious gaming fan mocking up a sketch of what Sony's PlayStation 4 could look like.

The image above, which was posted to Reddit by user Albino-Zebra, draws inspiration from a cryptic teaser trailer that Sony released yesterday.

That trailer didn't give much away, apart from the fact that the PlayStation 4 will -- surprisingly -- be a black, squarish box -- but it did hint at little design details, like a grid of black squares and pointy angled edges.

There's no way of knowing yet how accurate the creatively crafted design is, but if you ask me this new mock-up is perfectly plausible. It's black, grey and angular, like many of Sony's recent gadgets, and it's annoyingly sloped like the PS3, making it impossible to balance controllers or other boxes on top of it.

Some commenters on Reddit have also noted that the mock-up looks a little like a Dell Studio laptop, or a squished Daft Punk helmet.

You can check out everything we know, and everything we don't know, about the PlayStation 4 in the video below. Watch it, and let me know whether you're planning on buying one in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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