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PS4 first ad touts multiplayer with guns, cars and Lou Reed

Sony's cranked up the macho-o-meter for the PlayStation 4's debut TV ad.

Sony's first TV ad for the PlayStation 4 has been given an official airing, and cranks up the macho-o-meter with guns, cars and, er, Lou Reed.

The song, titled 'Perfect Day' features the Velvet Underground crooner's 1972 hit of the same name, sung by two male gamers as they hack, slash, race and gun each other down.

The ad is certainly devoted to highlighting the PlayStation 4's multiplayer powers, and aims to capture the spirit of communal gaming with pals. Check out the ad for yourself below.

No specific games are mentioned, though the clip with the cars looks to be a nod to Driveclub, while the gritty urban shoot-out is an obvious reference to the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall. Both titles are PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Sony's fourth home console will arrive in Europe on 29 November, but is out on the 15 November in the US. As such, expect to see plenty more ads for the powerful new system in the run-up to Christmas.

The PS4 will take on Microsoft's Xbox One, which is due out on 22 November. Sony's system is considerably cheaper, but will that propel it to global domination? Stick your predictions in the comments, or on our Facebook wall. Oh, and check out our handy-dandy history of the PlayStation video below.

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