PS4 and Xbox One won't arrive for Christmas, Amazon warns

Gamers waiting for their new PS4 or Xbox One from Amazon could have to find something else to do on Christmas day.

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Gamers waiting for their new PS4 or Xbox One will have to find something else to do on Christmas day as Amazon warns recent orders won't be delivered until after the big day.

The new Sony PlayStation 4 is in shops tomorrow, costing £349. But stock shortages mean it could be hard to get your hands on the console, even if you placed an order in advance.

Anyone who ordered either PS4 or Xbox One from Amazon after 14 November will miss out on yuletide gaming, as they will receive their consoles after Christmas.

Anyone who ordered their PS4 console way back before 6 August will get the console tomorrow, the first day of release. Meanwhile anyone who ordered between 7 August and 13 November will have to wait a bit longer, but will get the console before Christmas. But if you placed your order in the last two weeks then you won't receive your new console until after Christmas.

The rival Xbox One hit shops last week, shifting a million in a day -- but British bookie Paddy Power reckon the PS4 will win the sales race between the next-gen consoles.

Meanwhile Call of Duty: Ghosts leads the line-up of launch titles for both the PS4 and the Xbox One.

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