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PS3 Slim coming in red and blue, joins white

Sony's PS3 Slim is getting two new colours, to go with the white that's out soon. Looks like it'll be a colourful Christmas for gamers…

It was just last week we brought you news a white PS3 Slim was coming to the UK in time for Christmas, well now two new colours have broken colour. Someone at Sony must be getting a bit happy with the colourification machine.

The PS3 Slim will be available in red and blue, and both look absolutely awesome. The bad news? They're heading for Japan only. Bah.

This being technology, the PS3 Slim isn't just coming in red and blue. Oh no, that'd be far too easy. Instead, it's coming in Splash Blue and Scarlet Red. Still, we've seen far sillier names for coloured devices before, and in our opinion these more than live up to their monikers.

Both are 320GB models, and come with coloured Dualshock controllers. And while they're Japan only, they could make their way to these shores at some point just like the white version. We've got everything crossed in hope.

Each will sell for 29,980 yen (£248) when they go on sale on 17 November.

The white PS3 Slim is selling in the UK exclusively through GameStop, so a similarly limited run could be likely for the red and blue versions. Maybe if we petition the retailer it'll cave. That red one would definitely look right at home under our TV. (Just saying.)

Last month Sony dropped the price of its PS3 and priced up its mental PlayStation TV, which will let two players see different images while they battle, in 3D. It'll be on sale in Autumn.

As well as the white PS3 Slim, the Xbox 360 is coming in a range of special editions, including an R2-D2-themed version, and one that looks like it's been in the wars a bit. Last month Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 S was ditching its gloss finish, and only matte units would be produced. Which took the shine off the console a little.

Which colour would you (hue?) choose? Let us know on our Facebook page.