Private jet flying, Uber-style

Uber's co-founder is now backing a new company that would offer on-demand private jet travel. Called BlackJet, the service will begin flying November 15 and is invite-only.

Daniel Terdiman
Daniel Terdiman Former Senior Writer / News
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Those wanting to fly private may soon have a new option: reserving a jet, Uber-style.

In recent months, Uber has made waves in cities around the world with its on-call private car service -- riders simply pull up Uber's app, push a button saying they need a ride, and before they know it, a car arrives to whisk them away, and the fee is automatically charged to a credit card.

Now, according to AllThingsD, StumbleUpon founder and Uber co-founder Garrett Camp is leading a funding round in the single-digit millions, as well as product development, for a new company that would offer the same kind of service for those needing to be whisked away in a private plane. The idea -- a company called BlackJet --  is said to be targeting people who are willing to foot the bill in order to avoid the myriad hassles commuters routinely face with flying commercial.

Flights will initially travel between New York and Los Angeles or New York and southern Florida, and San Francisco appears to be the next destination on the itinerary. BlackJet is now taking reservations for flights starting November 15. Compulsory membership is invite-only, and will start at $2,000 and passengers reportedly will then pay $950 for short flights and $3,500 for cross-country travel.