Prime Members Can Grab a Nintendo Switch for Just $280 Right Now (Save $20)

You'll need to log in with your Prime account at Woot to get the savings.

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Just about every gaming console is hard to find these days, including the Nintendo Switch. When you're able to find a Nintendo Switch, odds are you'll be paying full price, since discounts are hard to come by. Right now, Amazon Prime members can take advantage of an exclusive $20 discount at Woot, dropping the console down to just $280. 

Though this isn't the OLED version, it is the second-gen Nintendo Switch in brand-new condition, with the Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons. If you're not familiar with this console, be sure to check out our full Nintendo Switch review to understand the ins and outs. You may also want to consider picking up a Switch online membership for $20 at Amazon to go along with your new console so you can play your favorite games online with friends. There are also a few great games on sale at Amazon.