Possible leaked image of Oculus Quest 2: Is this the next headset?

New Oculus VR hardware is expected sometime this year or next. Maybe this is a sneak peek.

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The original Oculus Quest, which is over a year old, could be getting an upgrade soon.

Sarah Tew/CNET

It's been over a year since the Oculus Quest debuted, and it's been a phenomenal (and often hard to get) product so far. There could be a new version on its way soon, according to some reports, although whether it's a lighter-weight revision of the existing hardware or a new step-up model is still unclear. But this leaked image posted today by noted tech product leaker WalkingCat could be the first sneak peek of the Oculus Quest 2, or Quest S, or whatever it might be called.

This possible next-generation Oculus Quest is all-white, and... it looks like the previous Oculus Quest. But slightly different.

Oculus, which is part of Facebook, had no comment to CNET on the image or any future hardware.

The image, honestly, doesn't look much different than the existing Oculus Quest. There are still four tracking cameras, it seems, and the controllers look the same. The headset is white, which is new. The outer fabric looks replaced by a smoother material. The head straps seem slimmed down from the more rigid array on the current Quest: would that be better for head fit, or not? The USB-C and headphone jack are now closer together, and the bottom of the headset now seems to lack the IPD slider that's on the current Quest, which moves the lenses further apart or closer together for personal eye fit.

We don't know what a next-generation Quest could have, yet, but faster processing with a newer Qualcomm chip and improved room tracking would be a good start.

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