CNET asks: Are you buying the SNES Classic Edition?

The SNES Classic is coming to town. Are you excited about getting one or are you expecting the same results as the NES Classic release -- shortage and disappointment? We want to know.

Lee Koo Community manager / CNET
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Scott Stein/CNET

By now most of you who are Nintendo fans or ex-fans know that Nintendo is releasing its second miniature retro console, the SNES Classic Edition. If not, you're now in the know.

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The NES Classic Edition released last year was incredibly popular, to say the least, and it was sold out everywhere. And if it was in stock, it pretty much never touched the shelves, as people were on waiting lists either online or offline. Later Nintendo announced that it was discontinuing it, with no satisfying explanation. This announcement brought a huge uproar of disappointed fans around the globe (I even saw it first hand within our community); they were left not only confused about the discontinuation of something so popular but also frustrated because many were not able to get their hands on one. Unless of course you were willing to fork over the big bucks buying them from price gougers across the web. The good news is, Nintendo said it will be producing more NES Classic Editions sometime next year.

Now that the SNES Classic Edition will soon be up be for sale, we are curious, will you be buying one? What are your strategies for getting your hands on one if they are hard to get? Or has the last shortage of the NES Classic Edition last year left a bitter taste in your mouth, so much that you are no longer buying a Nintendo product again? Take our series of polls to see where you stand with the rest of your fellow members. Now if you really want your voice to be heard, open the comments section up, and tell us how you really feel about this new retro console release and where your overall feelings stand with Nintendo. The soapbox is yours; the mic is in your hands!