New Pokemon Snap for Switch might be the vacation I need right now

This casual photo safari game -- with a surprising amount of photo filters -- makes me miss travel more than ever.

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Scott Stein
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Hi, Pikachu.


The recent opening of Super Nintendo World in Japan reminded me: I haven't been on vacation in a year. Over a year? I've lost track. Don't remind me. It hurts. 

Nintendo's upcoming New Pokemon Snap game on the Nintendo Switch, a new follow-up to a game first released on the Nintendo 64 a long, long time ago, feels like Nintendo's virtual spring break. With Pokemon. And a camera. In a lot of ways, it also feels sort of like it was made for VR. But this isn't VR, of course. It's your Switch.

I haven't actually been able to play the game yet, but Nintendo showed me a Zoom preview of the game being played. I sat and watched it, passenger-style.


Being patient pays off, sometimes.


New Pokemon Snap isn't an RPG like most Pokemon games. It's also not multiplayer. Instead, it's a relaxed "on-rails" trip through the Lental region, finding Pokemon along the way. When you see one, you try to take a good photo of it. Better shots get better star ratings, and sometimes it seems like a matter of luck and skill. You can throw fruit at the Pokemon that they can eat, which makes them do things. 

The camera has a variety of photo filters, which can be used in the game or for sharing out photos. Expect a lot of people to make weird Pokemon memes.


I have no idea what's going on here, but you'll be able to do this too.


It's not clear how many courses there are in the game, but I saw examples of ones set during both the day and at night. It's relaxing, and you can tilt the Switch around to "look" at things, or just use standard stick controls. With motion controls on, it seems almost like a VR game without the VR headset (no, this won't work with the Labo VR headset -- I asked).


Look to the skies!


I love Nintendo's more theme park-like game efforts. Nintendo Land for the Wii U ended up becoming one of my favorites years after it launched. Mario Kart Live felt like a ride in miniature, too. New Pokemon Snap has that similar type of vibe, like a Jurassic World journey but without the dinosaurs. Just cute, cool creatures lurking around corners of a chill Nintendo ride. 

But the lack of a collaborative multiplayer mode feels like a missed opportunity. I guess you can always sit next to someone else and yell when you want them to snap a photo.


The water looks lovely. I want to move here.


In a year when new Switch games feel a little more scarce, Snap might be a fun one to consider if you're not traveling anywhere anytime soon. (Like me.)

New Pokemon Snap arrives on the Switch on April 30.