Nintendo's Pokemon Go Plus wearable is officially delayed

The $35 accessory, which lights up when Pokemon are nearby, won't arrive until September.

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Can't wait to automatically catch Pokemon with a snazzy light-up pin attached to your wrist, lapel, or purse? Too bad -- Nintendo's official Pokemon Go Plus wearable has been delayed until September in the US and Europe.

The Pokemon Go Plus wearable.


Originally slated to ship in late July, the $35 / £35 Bluetooth accessory allows players of the hit mobile app Pokemon Go to keep playing without looking at their phone. It flashes when a Pokemon is nearby, and you can try to catch it by pressing a button -- as long as you've already caught that type of Pokemon before.

The wearable also flashes and vibrates when you pass a Pokestop, allowing you to gather the same consumable items (Pokeballs, potions, berries and eggs) that you would inside the game.

Nintendo also confirmed that the wearable will ship in Australia and New Zealand in September, but didn't specify a price.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company didn't immediately respond to requests for comment about the delay. Game developer Niantic deferred a request for comment to Nintendo.