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PlayStation puzzler Tetris Effect's zen soundtrack now available to stream

Enjoy the calming Tetris soundtrack outside of the world of neatly stacked blocks.

Tetris Effect's soundtrack is on a variety of streaming services.

The relaxing soundtrack to Tetris Effect is now available to stream for free on Bandcamp and can be found on YouTube Music, Spotify and Amazon. The PlayStation VR puzzle game's soundtrack is designed to relax and immerse you, composer Hydelic said in a blog post Thursday.

"When I was first briefed on the project, the concept was very clear: Mizuguchi-san (our producer) and Ishihara-san (our director and art director) expressed the idea of taking you on a journey through your mind, consciousness, and emotions. 'This is like zen Tetris,' they said," Hydelic said. 

The game was originally announced at the PlayStation conference at E3 2018, and made CNET's list of best VR games for escaping to other worlds