Play the classic arcade game Pong on your Apple Watch

A Tiny Game of Pong whisks you back to the early days of gaming on your modern smartwatch. ​

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico
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Just playing some Pong on my Apple Watch.

Anthony Domanico/CNET

Looking to have a little fun on your Apple Watch?

A Tiny Game of Pong from developer Matt Wiechec launched on Apple's App Store on Tuesday, and it lets you play the arcade classic on your wrist.

Gameplay is fairly simple. Players control their in-game paddle by scrolling up and down on the Apple Watch's Digital Crown and try to hit the virtual ball back to their opponent.

The basic app has a free, fast-paced arcade mode where you try to keep the ball moving across the court as long as you can against an unbeatable digital opponent. The longer you last, the higher you move up on the leaderboard. You can see how you compare with other players in Apple's Game Center.

An in-app purchase for 99 cents (about £0.69, AU$1.38) unlocks the classic game mode, which pits you 1-vs-1 against an opponent in a match where the first player to get to three points wins.

The purchase also unlocks customization options that lets you change the color theme of the game menu, paddles and the ball. You could even match your game to the color of your Apple Watch band.

If you're looking to whisk yourself back to the early days of gaming on your modern Apple Watch, download A Tiny Game of Pong.