Paragon $60 physical retail edition coming with skins and in-game currency

The free-to-play MOBA will make its way to stores in a $60 physical version that comes with skins, rep boosts, challenges and in-game currency.

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GameSpot staff
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You can play Paragon right now if you're willing to pay $20 or more for Founder's Packs, though the Epic-developed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) will be free to play once it leaves Steam's Early Access. However, if you want a physical edition of the game on PS4, you can pay $60 in exchange for skins, five Hero Master Challenges, and in-game currency.

Epic's senior marketing manager, Wes Phillips, announced the Paragon Essentials Edition on the PlayStation Blog, where he detailed what players would get for the $60 version of a free-to-play game. The physical retail edition comes with five skins, including the launch-exclusive Wasteland Twinblast skin--Phillips notes that you can only get it in the Essentials Edition "for now."

Players will also get 6,000 Paragon coins, which is valued at $60. You can spend the in-game currency on stuff like skins, boosts, Master Challenges and other items. Additionally, players get Master Challenges for Twinblast, Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch and two unannounced heroes. These grant a Challenger skin and permanent XP boost, in addition to unlocking rewards like taunts and the Master skin.

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Lastly, players will have five Rep boosts that last for three wins each and speed up the pace at which you earn Rep -- it can be spent on card packs and Master Challenges, among other things.

It's unclear if the Essentials Edition will include a completed version of Paragon or if it will feature the game in its current Early Access state. We've reached out to Epic and will update this story as more information becomes available.

Paragon Essentials Edition releases for PS4 on June 7. Those who preorder get an additional 1,000 Paragon Coins.

You can currently buy into Paragon on PC and PS4 with digital Founder's Packs that cost $20, $60 and $100. The $60 Challenger Founder's Pack gets you 13 Master Challenges, as opposed to the Essential Edition's five. It also gets you five weeks of three-win Rep boosts, a Hotrod Howitzer skin and a $20 Founder's Pack for a friend. You can see more Founder's Pack details right here.

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