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Overwatch PS4 vs. Xbox One graphics comparison

New technical analysis compares the two console versions' resolution and frame rate.

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment's multiplayer shooter Overwatch is coming soon, and if you're wondering if you should pick it up on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, a new technical comparison from Digital Foundry may have the answers you're looking for. The site today published its performance analysis of the two console versions, detailing their resolution and frame rate.

Both editions run at a native 1080p with dynamic resolution, which allows the pixel count to drop during intensive scenes. On the subject of frame rate, Digital Foundry reports that Overwatch holds steady at 60fps for both PS4 and Xbox One most of the time, with only slight dips in frame rate in some sections.

On PS4, the only time Overwatch dropped below 60fps was during the time when the camera switches to the kill-cam. As for Xbox One, frame rate holds at 60fps "99 percent of the time."


"It's almost faultless in its frame rate, and for such a fast-paced game hitting that top target really pays off in controller response," Digital Foundry said.

The Xbox One version of Overwatch does have an issue not found in the PS4 version, at least in the section that Digital Foundry tested. Instances of screen-tearing are more frequent on Xbox One, though they are apparently so brief and insignificant that you might not even notice.

"When the action really picks up, some screen tearing can sneak in, causing a horizontal tear line to appear," the site said. "You might miss it, and this only crops up in short bursts alongside the game's grander explosive effects. At a broadly solid 60fps refresh, Xbox One still delivers a superb level of performance, and despite its extra tearing it still plays really well."

Head here to Eurogamer to read the full Digital Foundry report. You can also read GameSpot's hands-on preview of the console versions of Overwatch here.

Overwatch launches on May 24 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A beta starts earlier in the month and you can read this post to get all the details about how you can get in.

In other news about the game, Blizzard has revealed the replacement for Overwatch hero Tracer's controversial "butt pose."