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Oculus VR gets a second dose of Darth Vader, starting today

ILMxLab's Vader Immortal: Chapter II is now available, announced at Facebook's Oculus Connect.

The Lightsaber Dojo mode uses force powers.

Short of the movies themselves, Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park, or the ultra-immersive VR Star Wars attraction made by ILMxLab and The Void, Vader Immortal is the most exciting Star Wars experience I've tried on a home VR headset. ILMxLab's episodic series, telling the story of a smuggler recruited by Darth Vader, launches its second episode Wednesday. The game launch was a surprise announcement at Facebook's Oculus Connect developer conference in San Jose.

Each episode in the series costs $10. The three-episode run is exclusive to Oculus' Rift and Quest VR headsets. For more on the second episode, read Patrick Holland's story, or dive into what the first episode felt like.

According to ILMxLab's press release, "In Episode II, audiences will learn the ways of the Force from the Sith Lord, and battle thrilling new Star Wars creatures while uncovering the secrets of Mustafar. They will also have the opportunity to hone their skills in Lightsaber Dojo II -- a standalone training mode that combines lightsaber combat and Force powers for the first time in virtual reality."

At this year's Oculus Connect, there's been a renewed effort on more games and apps for existing Oculus hardware. As far as exclusive experiences go, Vader Immortal is still at the top of the list.