Oculus Quest will get iPhone notifications, adds VR-sharing tricks

See who's texting you without taking off your headset.

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Oculus has another way to put yourself in the game.

Oculus has another way to put yourself in the game.


A new update for Facebook's Oculus VR device will be released soon, and it's going to come with some features requested by the community. When it goes live, players will have access to their iPhone notifications while in VR, and they can livestream themselves in the game. 

Oculus update v29 will include iOS phone notifications via the Oculus app to let users see their phone lock screen notifications when using the headset. This means no more taking it off when receiving a text or email. The app setting will only allow the designated user to see the notification and no one else. As for Android support, it will be "coming soon." 

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Another feature coming in the update is called Live Overlay. This puts the player's real-life body into the game via a phone's camera. This feature can be used in VR apps with casting and recording options. Oculus users can also have their voices captured while casting or recording a game. 

Other features coming in update v29 is a file organizer for data stored in the headset, a Passthrough shortcut to make it easy to see your real surroundings and personalized ads to be displayed while in the Oculus mobile app.