No Man's Sky gets multiplayer July 24 alongside Xbox One release

You'll be able to explore Hello Games' giant universe with friends on PC and PlayStation 4 as well.

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Mike Sorrentino

No Man's Sky is getting a big multiplayer update to coincide with its Xbox One release on July 24.

Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray announced the update, called No Man's Sky Next, on Thursday's episode of Inside Xbox. Murray further clarified in a Friday blog post that multiplayer will come for free to the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game on the same day.

"We've been playtesting multiplayer for the last six months, and the game has evolved into a very new experience that we think the community will enjoy," Murray said in the post.

The new version will allow friends to travel together through the game's expansive universe, build shelters or colonies, fight in space battles or race in the game's exocraft.

No Man's Sky first released on PC and PlayStation 4 to mixed reactions in 2016, with initial critics slamming the ambitious title for having a repetitive structure despite building an impressively gigantic universe for players to explore. The game has since received a stream of updates to add more gameplay for players that have stuck with the game.

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