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Nintendo Wii U's death spiral continues as Amazon Prime Video pulls support

Amazon says it can't support every device as it keeps upgrading its services.

The Amazon Prime Video app won't work on Nintendo Wii U starting Sept. 26.
Sarah Tew/CNET

You won't be able to use Amazon's Prime Video app on Nintendo Wii U game console starting Sept. 26, the e-commerce giant said Wednesday in an email. Amazon said it can't keep supporting "certain" devices as it upgrades its service, and Nintendo has long admitted that Wii U was a failure.

Amazon offered to make it up to Wii U users by handing out a $25 credit promo code they can apply to Amazon streaming devices Fire TV Stick, its 4K sibling or Fire TV Cube until Nov. 1.

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Even though Nintendo's successor console, the Switch, outsold the Wii U long ago, it still doesn't support Prime Video or Netflix. Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on that.

Nintendo unveiled a bunch of new Switch models in recent weeks -- a version with better battery life arrives in August and the portable-only Switch Lite is coming in September. A Disney-themed special edition console will be available in Japan as well.