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Nintendo Switch: Our hopes about the next console

CNET editors Jeff Bakalar and Scott Stein talk about what they want from Nintendo's 2017 system.

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Will Nintendo's Switch be what the company needs to turn customers back onto buying its home systems?

CNET editors Jeff Bakalar and Scott Stein -- both of whom spend plenty of time watching the gaming industry and Nintendo's platforms -- talk about whether the system will be what the gaming titan needs to win players back who may have moved on to PlayStation, Xbox or even just a smartphone for their entertainment fix.

Plus, Nintendo's announcement leaves plenty of questions out there: What will the battery life be when the console is portable? Could the Switch replace the Nintendo 3DS down the line? And, most importantly, what will we be playing on it?

The console, unveiled Thursday morning in a teaser video, is the first platform that promises to bring portable and home gaming together. The machine, due out in March, has the appearance of a tablet with detachable game controllers for gaming-on-the-go, and the ability to slide into a dock which can connect straight to a television.

Nintendo is touting the platform as one to heavily promote local gaming, even apparently being able to link with other systems for co-op and versus.

And it comes at a critical time for Nintendo, whose Wii U platform never quite lived up to the cultural phenomenon that the original Wii experienced way back in 2006.

What do you think about the Nintendo Switch? Does the system interest you, or are you keeping an eye out for Mario's upcoming iPhone title instead? Talk about it in the comments below.