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Nintendo Switch SNES controller goes on sale for $30

"Temporarily out of stock" -- lots of people must have wanted that authentic Super Mario Kart experience.


The wireless SNES controller for Nintendo Switch was available to order, but quickly sold out.


Even though Nintendo brought a major dose of '90s gaming to the Switch by adding 20 classic SNES games (and a ruinous rewind feature) earlier this month, Super Metroid and Yoshi's Island don't feel quite right without an old-school controller. The company answered our nostalgic prayers by making a wireless SNES controller available to buy for $30, but the first run sold out very quickly indeed.

If you managed to order one of these beautiful classic controllers, they'll start shipping on Sept. 18. 

You can easily pair the controller with your Switch and charge it with the included USB-C cable or the console's AC adapter. You'll need to be part of its $20-a-year Nintendo Switch Online service to buy it, however, and orders are limited to four controllers per person. 

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If you're interested in regional variants, the more colorful European version of the controller costs £27 plus shipping on the UK store, but isn't on sale yet. We've reached out to Nintendo to see when those ones are coming, and will update this when either version of the controller is available to buy.

Keep in mind that the official controller isn't your only option for the classic experience -- Bitdo's SNES30 Pro has dual-thumbsticks like those on PS4. And the SNES Classic mini console offers 21 games and a pair of authentic wired controllers.

Originally published at 3:29 a.m. PT.
Update, 4:05 a.m. PT: Adds more detail.