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Nintendo Switch Pro rumored to have mini-LED display, report says

An upgraded display would be just another perk of the next-generation device.

A better display could draw even more gamers to the Nintendo Switch.
Érika García/CNET

Nintendo's next-generation Switch, the Switch Pro, isn't due out until next year, but it could be sporting a new Mini-LED display upon arrival. The new tech would be supplied by Taiwanese panel manufacturer Innolux, according to a report in Economic Daily News. 

The Mini-LED technology is meant to improve contrast ratios and produce deeper blacks when compared with LCD panels lit with regular LEDs. The technology also appears in last year's TCL 8-Series TV. Essentially, the tiny lights could ultimately mean better picture quality -- making your screen more colorful, bright and sharp.  

The report of a better display fits with the other rumors we've heard about the new device, like 48-hour battery life and 4K upscaling.

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If Nintendo does choose to use Innolux, it'd signal a potential break from major Japanese manufacturers Sharp and Japan Display Inc.

CNET has contacted Nintendo for comment. We'll update this story when we hear back. 

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