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Nintendo is ramping up its Switch supply, report says

Retailer GameStop says it's getting more in, starting March 22.

The Switch has been hard to find.
James Martin/CNET

It's been hard to find a Nintendo Switch -- unless you were willing to pay through the nose. Your luck may change soon, however. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo Switch production will double over the next year.

The new hybrid console has enjoyed brisk sales since its launch, according to analyst estimates, despite a fairly meagre lineup of games. No official sales numbers have been released yet, but it's been extremely difficult to find the Switch in stock. Nintendo has promised since launch that Switch supplies won't be as constrained as the notoriously rare NES Classic.

Retailer GameStop, however, has confirmed to CNET that it's getting more Switch systems in, starting March 22. Between some restocking and Nintendo's reported production increase -- as many as 16 million for the year, according to the Journal -- maybe they'll be in stores again for more than a hot second.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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