Nintendo says we won't get new Switch model in 2020

The company has "no plans" to release another version of the console, its president says.

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The Nintendo Switch won't get a major revision in 2020.

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Even though Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X are out in 2020, Nintendo won't be releasing a fresh Switch model to compete. Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa told investors that the company has "no plans" to release another version of its hybrid console this year.

The Japanese company will instead focus on the existing models -- the Switch and the cheaper, portable-only Switch Lite -- which have sold a combined 52.48 million units and which overtook the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in lifetime sales during the last quarter.

Even though we won't see a major console revision, there's a special version coming out to celebrate the arrival of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March.

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