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Nintendo 2DS plays 3DS games, is cheap and square

The 2DS, announced today, plays 3DS games in 2D. It's cheaper than its three-dimensional sibling and is out in the US in October.

That curvy black dual-screen square up there is a new handheld console from Nintendo. The 2DS, announced today, plays 3DS games -- in 2D, as you might have guessed.

It's coming to the US on 12 October for the cut-price sum of just $130, our sister site GameSpot reports. That's about £85 in the Queen's pounds stirling, although expect to add 20 per cent VAT to that. Nintendo hasn't announced a UK release date for the charming little chap, or a price, but it will be coming to Europe.

Update: Game is advertising the 2DS for £110, with cases £10 extra. The retailer lists the release date as "TBD".

The 2DS is the first handheld from the Mario factory since the Gameboy Advance that doesn't have a folding design. Its screens are the same size as the 3DS, making it quite a hefty slate.

Here's a video from Ninty to tell you more:

Games will play exactly the same as the £140 3DS (apart from the stereoscopy of course) -- it has full touchscreen controls too.

It comes in black and blue and white and red, with optional matching carry cases. It coincides with the launch of Pokémon X and Y, the new monster-battling roleplaying games, which are out everywhere on 12 October. I wouldn't be surprised if a UK launch of the 2DS was far behind.

We'll have to wait for UK retailers to upload details of the new console before we know when we'll get our hands on it. I'll keep an eye out and let you know. Fingers crossed it's better than the last square product we saw, the Squircle -- officially the worst thing we've ever reviewed.

What do you make of the 2DS? Is it a sharp move by Nintendo to capitalise on the popularity of the 3DS and big hits like Animal Crossing? Or will it be lost among the Xbox One and PS4 launches? Press play in the comments, or head to our multiplayer Facebook page.